Balcony challenge!

When I was approached to undertake this project involving five balconies I was really looking forward to getting stuck in....  then as the brief became clearer, I realised it involved transferring materials in a small lift from an underground carpark,three  floors up and through an immaculate and beautifully finished apartment - but hey... we love a challenge!

It was great working with my client, an interior designer herself who had pretty strong ideas about space and colour.  

The pots were specially painted using the grey tones from the tiles and walls and then married with the herbs and lavender to give a stylish finish that blended perfectly.

artificial lavender, pala palm and grasses

artificial grasses in round stone containers

For the library balcony we wanted a very contemporary feel so the black bowls
filled with the striking Aloe really fitted the bill.  

The client sent through a lovely note following the project...

'I was absolutely delighted with the job you have done and I am glad that I accidently
found you through the internet.'

Posted: 08 Jun 2011